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A petition was started to renew the show for another season, taking donations from fans.Sol is the current owner of the butcher shop, older brother to Ricky, and the eldest and strongest of the three.Doug is also addicted to pornography; he is seen many times playing with himself while watching these kind of magazines and not paying attention to anything else (even to a point when a girl hits on him and he's too absorbed in the magazines to notice).At some point, he tries to leave pornography behind and start to date real women, but he accidentally ends up working in adult cinema.It was announced on April 28, 2007 that Teletoon opted not to renew Sons of Butcher for a third season.

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Sol is a recovering alcoholic, and is unable to drink even a small amount of non-alcoholic liquor without going on a massive drinking binge that causes him to grow a thick beard in an instant and run through the city streets wearing nothing but a green thong.

Ricky is violent and confrontational, but clearly makes a poor physical combatant, once receiving a bloody hole in his chest from Jaco, and being physically overpowered by three old women until thrashing blindly at them (all while wearing protective foam body armor).

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