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Taken in by Sarah, a widow with an infant baby girl Lilli, Richard (Paddy) is cared for in a return to civilization.

There are also Singles Nights, a KK Penthouse, and a KK Country House -- where members are invited for naked weekend romps in a lavish country mansion.If you have already the gifts and what you need is to wrap them, CHECK this video to get inspire. The idea is to give something that people will really use and also enjoy.I love to give things that look expensive but actually low cost.To apply, visit the website and fill out the application for the newsletter, where you can also upload your photos and meet/chat with other applicants.

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The Naked Show is pretty much exactly what it sounds like -- comedians stand up on stage to bare all... The free, quarterly standup show at this Long Island City bar is for New York’s bravest comedians and audience members.For sure this will cost more than 20 dollars at the store. This plate next to the night table will look so cute.