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JIMMY ENOCH produced a show called Enoch's Circus Show.In week 7 in Rosengaard Shopping Centre in Odense and in the following week in Friis City Center in Aalborg.But the Danish circus world had not has similar awards since 19 when the then Minister of Culture presented the Danish Circus Award to Albert Schumann, respectively Eli Benneweis.Jette Hansen, managing director of the Gasworks Theatre in Copenhagen, Jan Hertz, actor, director, stage artist and former theater manager and entertainment manager in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens and Rud Kofoed, reviewer of performances in theater, revue and circus for a leading Danish tabloid.ISABELLA ENOCH presented winter circus in 10 arenas in Jutland.

It could be seen on 9 January when Circus Benneweis, the world's oldest circus owned by the same family and with annual tours every year since 1887, announced that they after some loss-making seasons would spend one or two years off the road for restructuring. The Medias in Denmark are unfortunately more interested in stories about problems and accidents than in reviews or reports from the performances or the daily life in a circus.OK, it is jumps on the spot, but not just small jumps! The Cretu troupe should this year have done an act with Russian swing.